Rest of Europe - Mammals

On this page you will find pictures of mammals photographed by me in England, Germany, Greece, Madeira, Norway, Poland, Scotland and Spain.

You can scroll down to see all photo's or you can click on the underlined English name in the list (link) to see the respective photo.

  1. Sika Deer - Sika hert
  2. Red Deer - Edelhert
  3. Fallow Deer - Damhert
  4. European Roe Deer - Ree
  5. Red Fox - Rode Vos
  6. Wild Boar - Wild Zwijn
  7. European Brown Hare - Haas
  8. European Rabbit - Konijn
  1. Grey Squirrel - Grijze Eekhoorn
  2. Eurasian Red Squirrel - Rode eekhoorn
  3. Persian Squirrel - Perzische Eekhoorn
  4. Lesser Mole-rat - Westelijke Blindmuis
  5. American Mink - Amerikaanse Nerts
  6. Common Bottlenose Dolphin - Tuimelaar
  7. Grey Seal - Grijze Zeehond

Sika Deer
Sika Hert (Cervus nippon)
Brownsea Island, England
8 August 2009

The Sika Deer is a species of deer native to much of East Asia, and introduced to various other parts of the world, including the UK.

Red Deer
Monfragüe National Park, Extremadura, Spain
4 May 2012
Fallow Deer
Jose Antonio Valverde Visitor Centre area,
Coto Doñana, Spain
24 October 2015

European Roe Deer
Miedzyzdroje, Poland
18 August 2012

Two fighting males in the early foggy morning!

Red Fox
Rode Vos
Monfragüe National Park, Extremadura, Spain
4 May 2012

Wild Boar
Wild Zwijn (Sus scrofa)
Jose Antonio Valverde Visitor Centre area,
Coto Doñana, Spain
24 October 2015

European Brown Hare
Appelhülsen, Germany
15 August 2012

European Rabbit
Appelhülsen, Germany
15 August 2012

Grey Squirrel
Grijze Eekhoorn
London, United Kingdom
1 February 2007

Eurasian Red Squirrel
Rode Eekhoorn
EL Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain
3 November 2014

Persian Squirrel
Perzische Eekhoorn
Lesvos, Greece
30 April 2010
Lesser Mole-rat
Westelijke Blindmuis
Lesvos, Greece
5 May 2010

American Mink
Amerikaanse Nerts (Neovison vison)
Herdla, Bergen, Norway
21 August 2014

The American Mink is widely distributed in several European countries, mainly as a result of the escape of animals from mink farms.

Common Bottlenose Dolphin
3 November 2013

This was basically all of the dolphin I was able to get in my picture. We had a hard time finding a group of dolphins but were finally rewarded after some 2,5 hours of hard core searching in a small boat on a pretty wild sea!

Grey Seal
Grijze Zeehond
Isle of May, Scotland
4 June 2015

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