Rest of Europe - Large Song Birds

On this page you will find pictures of (medium to) large song birds photographed by me in Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Madeira, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Spain and Turkey.

You can scroll down to see all photo's or you can click on the underlined English name in the list (link) to see the respective photo.

  1. European Bee-eater - Bijeneter
  2. Red-backed Shrike - Grauwe Klauwier
  3. Southern Grey Shrike - Iberische Klapekster
  4. Lesser Grey Shrike - Kleine Klapekster
  5. Masked Shrike - Maskerklauwier
  6. Woodchat Shrike - Roodkopklauwier
  7. Eurasian Hoopoe - Hop
  8. Crested Lark - Kuifleeuwerik
  9. Thekla Lark - Theklaleeuwerik
  10. Wood Lark - Boomleeuwerik
  11. Richard's Pipit - Grote Pieper
  12. Berthelot's Pipit - Berthelot's Pieper
  13. Meadow Pipit - Graspieper
  14. Tree Pipit - Boompieper
  15. Rock Pipit - Oeverpieper
  16. White Wagtail - Witte Kwikstaart
  17. Yellow Wagtail - Gele Kwikstaart  
  1. Black-headed Wagtail - Balkan Kwikstaart
  2. Grey Wagtail - Grote Gele Kwikstaart
  3. Blue Rock Thrush - Blauwe Rotslijster
  4. Ring Ouzel - Beflijster
  5. Eurasian Blackbird - Merel
  6. Mistle Thrush - Grote Lijster
  7. Kruper's Nuthatch - Turkse Boomklever
  8. Western Rock Nuthatch - Rotsklever
  9. Spotless Starling - Zwarte Spreeuw
  10. House Sparrow - Huismus
  11. Spanish Sparrow - Spaanse Mus
  12. Eurasian Tree Sparrow - Ringmus
  13. Rock Sparrow - Rotsmus
  14. Chaffinch - Vink
  15. Madeira Chaffinch - Madeiravink
  16. European Greenfinch - Groenling
  17. Corn Bunting - Grauwe Gors
European Bee-eater
El Rocio area,
Coto Doñana, Spain
24 May 2015
Red-backed Shrike
Grauwe Klauwier
Lesvos, Greece
28 April 2010
Southern Grey Shrike
Iberische Klapekster
Cáceres, Spain
23 August 2011
Lesser Grey Shrike
Kleine Klapekster
Lesvos, Greece
30 April 2010
Masked Shrike
Lesvos, Greece
30 April 2010
Woodchat Shrike
El Rocio area,
Coto Doñana, Spain
24 May 2015
Eurasian Hoopoe
Jose Antonio Valverde Visitor Centre area,
Coto Doñana, Spain
24 October 2015
Crested Lark
Lesvos, Greece
24 April 2010

Thekla Lark
Monfragüe National Park, Extremadura, Spain
5 May 2012

Compared to the above Crested Lark, the Thekla Lark has a shorter and stubbier bill, chest markings extending onto the flanks and a less pointed and less taller crest.

Wood Lark
El Rocio area,
Coto Doñana, Spain
22 October 2015
Richard's Pipit
Grote Pieper
Rhodes, Greece
26 September 2012
Berthelot's Pipit
Berthelot's Pieper
1 November 2013

Berthelot’s Pipit is endemic to Madeira and the Canary Islands.
The photo shows the subspecies Anthus berthelotii madeirensis, that lives on Madeira. It has a longer bill than Berthelot’s Pipit on
the Canary Islands, but both have similar general appearance. This is a small pipit, 13-14.5 cm in length, and is found in open country.
Meadow Pipit
Herdla, Bergen, Norway
21 August 2014
Tree Pipit
El Rocio area,
Coto Doñana, Spain
24 May 2015
Rock Pipit
Isle of May, Scotland
4 June 2015

White Wagtail
Witte Kwikstaart
Überlingen, Bodensee, Germany
13 July 2013

Eleven subspecies of the White Wagtail (Motacilla alba) are currently recognised.
The nominate subspecies of the White Wagtail (Motacilla alba alba) occurs on the European continent and migrates down as far as Kenya.
Motacilla alba yarrellii is a subspecies that occurs in Britain.

Yellow Wagtail
Gele Kwikstaart
Bordeaux, France
9 August 2006

Black-headed Wagtail
Balkan Kwikstaart
Lesvos, Greece
4 May 2010

This South East Europe subspecies of the Yellow Wagtail is named Black-headed Wagtail (Motacilla flava feldegg) for its distinguished black cap.
The Motacilla flava flava of western Europe (previous photo) has a blue-grey head with a white supercilium (line above each eye).
The British subspecies, M. f. flavissima has a yellow head (the male) with a brighter yellow supercilium.

Grey Wagtail
Grote Gele Kwikstaart
8 November 2013

Every morning, this energetic bird was hopping around on the lawn in front of our hotel in search of small insects.
They wag their tail constantly whilst walking and running, apparently to flush insects.

Blue Rock Thrush
Blauwe Rotslijster
Monfragüe National Park, Extremadura, Spain
4 May 2012
Ring Ouzel
Combloux, France
19 March 2012
Eurasian Blackbird
Leuven, Belgium
22 February 2015
Mistle Thrush
Grote Lijster
Combloux, France
19 March 2012
Kruper's Nuthatch
Turkse Boomklever
Lesvos, Greece
29 April 2010
Western Rock Nuthatch
Lesvos, Greece
25 April 2010
Spotless Starling
Zwarte Spreeuw
La Cumbre, Spain
24 August 2011

House Sparrow
Istanbul, Turkey
30 September 2012

Spanish Sparrow
Spaanse Mus
Lesvos, Greece
29 April 2010

Eurasian Tree Sparrow
Botanical Garden, Oslo, Norway
24 August 2014
Rock Sparrow
1 November 2013

This sparrow breeds on barren rocky hills from the Iberian peninsula and western north Africa across southern Europe and through central Asia.
This species is a large stocky sparrow, 15–17cm in length, with a strong whitish supercilium and weaker crown stripe. The Rock Sparrow is very shy during the breeding season, but outside this period, this species is gregarious.
Brownsea Island, England
9 August 2009
Madeira Chaffinch
Rabaçal, Madeira
7 November 2013

The Madeiran Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs madeirensis) is a small passerine bird endemic to the island of Madeira and a subspecies of the Common Chaffinch.
The male differs from the Common Chaffinch by being more bluish-grey and having a green tinge on the upper back.
European Greenfinch
Laguna del Portil,
El Portil, Spain
22 May 2015

Corn Bunting
Grauwe Gors
Lesvos, Greece
23 April 2010

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